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BIG NEWS: Eutopia becomes Net Zero Insights

Net Zero Insights is here to stay and we are thrilled that you can join us on this transition.

Eutopia began as an initiative to simplify the search for climate technologies and innovative organisations developing climate solutions. We won’t lie, the previous two years were very challenging and exciting as we were building from the ground up the largest climate tech startups database. Now that we have solid foundations to work on, it’s about time to evolve and aim to do more.

We want you to welcome Net Zero Insights, the market intelligence platform for climate tech. 

The full rebranding roll out is expected to last till the end of July 2022.

Please, read more to understand the upcoming changes and what they represent to current Eutopia customers. Share your questions to

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Net zero insights market intelligence software logo

The meaning behind names

The word “eutopia” comes from ancient Greek εὖ (“good” or “well”) and τόπος (“place”), means “good place” and therefore refers to a positive, possibile utopia.

We have started Eutopia with the aim to accelerate the growth of the climate tech ecosystem and transition to a possible, more positive and sustainable world. While we still believe in this vision, we have been learning a lot since then and defined our role in this as primarily consisting of producing and sharing actionable insights on climate innovation with the decision makers. 

So, we have been looking for a new name for our company that communicates this more explicitly. Eutopia is a very popular name among companies, we often encounter doubts about the correct pronunciation and we felt a strong need to make our small contribution in the race to Net Zero stand out.

In the short run, our focus is only on startups and innovative SMEs developing more sustainable solutions but eventually we envision to cover climate-positive innovation in any form and from any entity. In the long run we want to create a place where climate change challenge areas are clearly defined and the existing science-based solutions are measured in terms of capital raised, technological readiness level, commercial maturity, and environmental impact. You will be able to see significant advancements in this direction already in the upcoming months.

Net Zero Insights was born to communicate our commitment to transition from a startup database to a market intelligence platform for impactful climate action.

What is Net Zero Insights?

There are two new members joining us – Net Zero Insights and the Net0 Platform. Don’t worry, you’ll get familiar with them! 

Net Zero Insights is our new company name. 

We’re passionate about climate solutions and our goal is to enable the transition to a net-zero world by providing access to insights on climate innovation to investors, governments, policy makers, researchers, business developers. 

Working side by side with the people who make things happen helps us understand the challenges they face when scouting for sustainable startups. From broad innovation mapping to laser-focus industry research, our team of business analysts are ready to support organisations in their search for innovative solutions.

Net0 Platform is our AI-powered search engine.

Reaching Net Zero is likely to be the biggest challenge of our lifetimes: this is our way to get there faster.

The Net0 Platform is a software that gathers and classifies climate tech companies by climate change challenge area, technology, activity sector, business model. As it’s a smart web scraper mapping out the operators in the industry, the data gets constantly refreshed, constantly adding new information about organisations, patents and deals. 

Our clients can now count on the support of a smart platform to easily spot new opportunities, helping them build lists based on their own criteria and enable email alerts to stay up-to-date with the industries they care about the most.


What is going to change?

We know you are excited to see the improvements of our platform. We started as a startups database and will transition to a market intelligence platform, what it means is that you will increasingly gain access to:

  • Deeper technological, financial and impact data on climate innovation
  • Curated insights on raising technologies and topics
  • Powerful software to keep track of it all in one place
  • Global coverage of climate innovation in any form 

Our team is continuously working on making the Net0 Platform smarter, faster and more reliable, so we recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter to stay ahead with product updates. 

What you can expect

  • If you currently using the former platform, it’s a very exciting moment to be our client and we are thankful for your understanding. There’s nothing to be worried about, your saved searches, portfolio and notes are backed up and your account will be automatically upgraded to the Net0 Platform within the next few weeks. The platform core design will remain the same, you’ll still have the key filters and the intuitive navigation, but you may notice small visual changes like colours and our company logo.

In case you have further questions, please reach out to

As a market intelligence software for climate tech, we will help you spot the responsible solutions that you are looking for or support your professional activities with always up-to-date intelligence on the climate innovation ecosystem. In case you are curious, here’s an access to a free trial of our platform.

 We’re very happy that you continue supporting us as we evolve. Let’s stay in touch!

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