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Market Intelligence Platform
for Climate Tech

Get access to the largest green startup database and be the first to spot new innovation, trends and deals.

discover sustainable innovation companies in europe and america
discover sustainable innovation companies in europe and america

One source of truth for climate technology scouting

See the big picture by centralising all the data points you need to make a well-informed decision. Get access to the largest startup database, helping you track multiple organisations from Europe and North America.

The smart search features makes it easy to build a list of organisations that matches your scouting criteria. Enable the email notifications to be informed of any new companies or fundings.

technology scouting software for climate tech ventures

Competitive intelligence platform to spot climate tech trends

Explore new climate technologies and ventures, get immediate access to financials, patents, contacts, team, maturity metrics and similar solutions. Understand what’s coming next in the industry and gather the right insights to implement data-oriented projects.

The best part? Our team of analysts supervise the intelligence automation engines to ensure data-accuracy.

technology scouting software for climate tech ventures
climate fintech database
climate fintech database

Work side by side with our analysts to build winning strategies

We couple sector expertise with automation to timely identify climate startups and innovative SMEs to produce detailed, hard-to-find data and insights on the disruptive and complex climate innovation market.

Technical support it’s also available within your subscription to guarantee your team makes the most of Net0 market intelligence platform.

Trusted by climate innovation professionals

Gain access to +25K startups and SMEs.

Investors, patents, sustainable development goals, deals, contacts, competitors and more.