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Quarterly Report | The State of Climate Tech in Europe and North America as Q3 2022

This third quarter of 2022 wrapped up with a downward trend with QoQ investment decreasing in most European and North American countries, with the exception of the Nordic region and the United Kingdom where the trend continues increasing over time. Surprisingly, Germany shows a massive drop in investments of 60% QoQ and 78% YoY. 

The downward trend is expected to reverse as already in September we can see a slight growth and it’s expected to continue. Till this date, capital destined to climate tech organisations reached  $59B in 2022.  

Considering that 19% of global venture funding was allocated to climate tech in Europe and North America alone, there’s hope for climate technology even during the global economic crisis.

Relevant to mention the skyrocketing growth of greenhouse gas removal technologies as it experienced an increase in funding, specifically of 1,118% YoY in Europe and North America, and 24,000% YoY in the US alone.

Net Zero Insights analysts have classified, evaluated and curated the funding rounds during Q3 of 2022 to condensate all their findings in a 82-page report. 


Download The State of Climate Tech – Q3’22 for a comprehensive view of the climate startup venture space.

You will find:green tech solution areas

  • Climate tech funding snapshot
  • Solution focus analysis:
    • Electric Vehicles
    • Climate Fintech
    • Sustainable Aviation Fuels
    • Methane Emissions
    • Hydrogen
  • Country focus analysis:
    • United States
    • United Kingdom
    • Sweden
    • France
    • Germany

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