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Running list of opportunities for climate tech startups

A compilation of all important opportunities for climate tech startups.


Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our times, and the startups working to solve it require all the support possible. Over the years at Net Zero Insights, we have come across rewarding opportunities and programs within our community that we wished more people would know about. Thankfully, there are a lot of opportunities for climate tech startups across the globe, but each one has its own criteria and it is quite difficult to scout the exact opportunities relevant for a particular startup.


A new running list that includes incubators, accelerators, awards, fellowships, bootcamps, corporate innovation programs and other significant opportunities in the ecosystem for climate tech startups.


It is safe to say that, today there are hundreds of programs for startups across the globe, catering to a specific domain in climate tech or a specific geography or a certain stage of startups. We have started to compile a list of opportunities that we feel are crucial for the ecosystem, but in no way does it encompass all the open calls across climate tech. There is a long way to go, but we believe this would be a good starting point and as we progress we keep on adding to the list. What is important is that the list is quite wholesome and can help some startups unlock opportunities. This eventually will foster innovation in the space, and that is what we are rooting for.


You can filter through type of the program, the climate vertical it caters to, the open or closed status of the program, availability of financial assistance, and the end date of the application which makes it easier to find the opportunities specifically relevant for you.


We have gone the extra mile and also classified the relevant geographies for a particular open call.


The list also includes a column that specifies the country where the headquarter of the organizing company is located.




The List of Opportunities for Climate Tech Startups.



How can we work together to improve this list?

The most important point to note here is that these are the events we have come across and we are sure there are many more. If we are missing any open calls relevant to climate tech startups, you can add them to the list just by filling out a quick form.

Fill out this form, to add an open call to the running list of opportunities for climate tech startups:

Add an open call to the list


Alternatively, it is possible that there is missing or incorrect or outdated information in the existing open calls mentioned in the running list, in that case just drop me a line at we will make the necessary changes and keep the list accurate and up to date.


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