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Exploring the circular economy startup landscape

As sustainability takes centre stage in all discussions across the globe, the circular economy’s principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling are becoming integral to product and service development for organizations. We can see this reflected in the growth of circular economy startups.

Net Zero Insights and TheCircularLab Partnership

Net Zero Insights and TheCircularLab have forged a partnership to analyse the trends in the fast-growing “Circular Economy” startup landscape. Established by Ecoembes, TheCircularLab is the first open innovation centre in the field of circular economy in Europe.

By pooling our expertise, we have embarked on a joint initiative to study the “Emerging Circular Economy Startups.” Over the course of the year, we will release four comprehensive reports, each covering the latest trends and innovations in this sector. The reports will delve into critical questions such as which European countries are investing most in circular economy startups, what were the major funding rounds, and the prominent green startups at both regional and national levels.

Federico Cristoforoni, founder and CEO of Net Zero Insights, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “This collaboration agreement allows us to take advantage of our data and experience to provide the ecosystem with regular information on the progress of Circular Economy startups and scaleups in Europe. Thus, the transition to an increasingly circular economy brings us significant challenges, and at Net Zero Insights we firmly believe that technology and innovation play a fundamental role in enabling this transformation. Through continuous monitoring of investor interest areas and trends, our goal is to provide valuable resources that foster ecosystem growth and drive sustainable innovation.”

David Ceniceros, Entrepreneurship specialist at TheCircularLab, emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating, “The agreement with Net Zero Insights is an opportunity to continue promoting the European ecosystem of circular economy startups. Thanks to this collaboration, we continue to make progress in identifying and attracting the best talent for packaging circularity. At the same time, we enhance the visibility of the goCircular ecosystem and continue to generate knowledge about its work to achieve an increasingly circular economy.”

Quarterly Analysis Report on Circular Economy Startups

Our first-ever report as a result of our partnership is out and is focusing on data from the first quarter (Q1) of 2023.

The report reveals that financing for Circular Economy startups has primarily been concentrated in the Electronics and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) value chains, totalling €187 million in investments during the quarter. The plastics sector follows closely with €180 million, while packaging secures the third spot with €144 million. Notably, this analysis also highlights a surge in funding for startups dedicated to enhancing the circularity of packaging.

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