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Article | The Direct Air Capture Venture Space

Capturing CO2 from the air and slashing down unavoidable emissions?

According to the International Energy Agency, Direct Air Capture (DAC) refers to processes and technologies used in extracting carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, generating a concentrated stream of CO2 for storage, utilisation or production of carbon-neutral fuel.

While it’s hard to argue about the impellent need for such a solution, DAC is sometimes consider science fiction even by climate innovation professionals – especially when comparing its high energy and capital costs to those of other carbon removal solutions.

Nevertheless, the DAC sector has been gaining momentum over the last few years and there are now 18 small plants that are operational worldwide. In April 2022, the momentum picked thanks to public commitments of important corporate groups, the announcement of the maxi round of Climeworks and a new VC fund fully dedicated to carbon removal.  


A snapshot of the Direct Air Capture venture space

All this given, our analysts decided to take a deep dive into roughly 40K climate tech startups from our database to learn more about what DAC approaches are out there and where VC capital is actually going. 

Looking at the ventures headquartered in Europe and North America, we have identified 38 active companies developing Direct Air Capture technologies that have complexively raised about $1.2B that are now paving the way for DAC solutions to reach gigaton scale.


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  • The scale of the opportunity offered by DAC
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  • New emerging technologies
  • Spotlights on DAC innovators 
  • Insights from top venture capital firms and thought leaders

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The attention around startups and scaleups developing climate innovative solutions have grown exponentially in the past years. The support provided by governments and investors has encouraged the rapid growth of the sector, with the rise of new alternatives to tackle challenges related to climate change. 

To make a real impact and accomplish their sustainability goals, investors, researchers, policy makers and companies need access to up-to-date, insightful data exclusively on the climate tech venture space.

As of today, our platform covers over 40k innovative organisations in Europe and North America and provides technological and financial insights – probably being the most comprehensive database in the space.

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