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Our analysts recently took a deep dive into roughly 30K climate tech startups, from our database, to investigate how fintech is supporting decarbonisation and sustainability.

Looking at the European venture space, we have identified 617 startups and scaleups developing climate-mindful solutions to address financial sectors such as banking, insurance, tax and accounting and investment services.

The green fintech sector has been quickly gaining traction and Europe is in a leadership position to seize the opportunity to turn this momentum into growth. 

According to our analysis, about €8 billion have been invested so far in climate fintech startups in Europe and H1 2022 alone has significantly surpassed 2021 in total funding.


A snapshot of the European Climate FinTech venture space

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  • The momentum of climate fintech
  • The European countries fostering green finance innovation
  • Investment trends on climate fintech solutions
  • Top 10 funding rounds in H1 2022
  • The new services emerging in the space
  • Spotlights on leading climate fintech startups 
  • Insights from top venture capital firms and thought leaders

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The Net0 Platform, your go-to source for climate tech startups

The attention around startups and scaleups developing climate innovative solutions have grown exponentially in the past years. The support provided by governments and investors has encouraged the rapid growth of the sector, with the rise of new alternatives to tackle challenges related to climate change. 

To make a real impact and accomplish their sustainability goals, investors, researchers, policy makers and companies need access to up-to-date, insightful data exclusively on the climate tech venture space.

As of today, our platform covers over 40k innovative organisations in Europe and North America and provides technological and financial insights – probably being the most comprehensive database in the space.

In case you are curious on how the Net0 Platform is helping organisations like you to find the best climate solutions, book a demo with us.


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