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Monthly round-up | After a record breaking 2022, funding in climate tech saw a mild start in January 2023

As we warm up to 2023, funding in climate tech has rather cooled down. January saw a 60% YoY and 10% MoM decrease in climate tech funding, while the number of deals saw a significant MoM increase of 40% over December 2022. However, it is important to note that Q1’22 was notably the highest ever period in climate tech funding. We can see the dramatic difference in the YoY decrease, now that the market conditions are quite opposite.


January’s Climate Tech funding round-up

A total of $3.7B raised across 181 deals in North America and Europe.  As expected, the United States leads in investments once again with a total of $1.7B raised. The United Kingdom and Germany follow with $602M and $362M respectively.

When looking at the funding distribution by city, London tops the list of cities with maximum funding of $453M and maximum number of 29 deals. London is followed by Nashville, Tennessee, then Berlin and San Francisco.

Similar to the trend in 2022, in January also most funding went into Energy, with batteries at the lead. Energy attracted the most capital in the United States accounting for almost 50% of all the funding in the country. While in Europe, Transport attracted the most funding accounting for 45% of all funding, followed by Energy at 38%. The funding in the United States was more concentrated around Energy, which wasn’t the case in Europe where it saw a more diverse distribution of funds across important sectors like Circular Economy, Built Environment, Food and Agriculture.

Using the data from the Net0 Platform, our analysts have curated a 13-slide deck with infographics and charts to provide a deeper insight into January’s investment landscape.


Download January’s round-up report to access:

  • Executive summary
  • MoM funding
  • Funding by region
  • Funding by deal size
  • Top 10 funding rounds
  • Funding by financing type
  • Funding by top countries and cities
  • Funding by climate change challenge area
  • Funding by solution and sector




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