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Wrapping up August’23 with $5.3B in climate tech funding

A 4% funding decrease in climate tech during August’23 compared to last month and a drop in deal count, indicates another period of limited growth, as the funding continues to stagnate. In this analysis we will delve into the details, highlighting the top funding rounds, investment across crucial geographies followed by trends in EV charging acquisitions and major investments in battery solutions. 


August’s climate tech funding analysis.


This month wrapped up with more than $5.3B in climate tech funding across 198 deals and 420 investors participating. A 4% decrease in funding over the last month indicates another period of limited growth.  About 65% of the total funding this month can be attributed to six mega-rounds (100M+) totalling $3.4B. The United States attracted the most funding, accounting for $2.1B followed by China and Sweden. Climate tech funding saw a recovery in North America (+87% MoM), while it plunged in Europe (-50% MoM). Asia saw a modest increase of 13% MoM totalling $1.7B, with China accounting for almost 75% of it.


Check out the complete report for interesting insights from the acquisitions that happened in the EV charging sector, and the major deals in the battery solutions. Find a curated list of August’s top funding rounds across Pre-Seed and Seed, Early and Late stages as well as top non-equity rounds. Also at the end of the report check out several notable deals beyond EVs and batteries that happened in August.


Using the data from the Net0 Platform, our analysts have curated a 13-slide deck with infographics and charts to provide a deeper insight into July’s investment landscape.


Download August’s Climate Tech Round-Up Report to get:


  • MoM funding information
  • Funding by deal size
  • August’s top funding rounds across stages
  • Funding activity across Europe, North America and Asia
  • Funding by country
  • Funding by climate change challenge areas
  • Update on acquisition activity in “EV Charging Solutions”
  • Update on major deals in “Battery Solutions”
  • Deals beyond EVs and batteries throughout the month.





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