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Green startup interview: Ciao MUST HAD

Eugenio Riganti, Co-founder of MUST HAD talks to Eutopia about producing clothing made from fashion industry waste.

MUST HAD develops a digital platform connecting brands that are producing clothing and accessories from fashion industry waste. Eco-friendly consumers can connect to brands, creating a sustainable industry. This is our interview with Eugenio:

Eugenio Riganti and Matteo Aghemo, the co-founders of MUST HAD, were eager to tell us more about what they do so we asked them to tell us a bit more.

MUST HAD is focusing on circularity and their philosophy is: ‘’Rescue, Reuse, Regenerate and Revalue’’. We were interested in MUSTHAD so we decided to find out a little more about their story.

How did MUST HAD get its name?

” Within the fashion industry, the word MUST HAVE has always been associated with highly essential clothes that consumers must have in their wardrobe.

By coining this common saying, fashion brands have consciously pushed purchases over the limit. We were born with the idea of fighting this.

By turning «have» into HAD, we want to highlight the need for a paradigm change where the desire for owning and purchasing at any costs shifts towards responsible choices such as REUSE and REPURPOSING. “

What’s your story?

” Matteo, Arianna, and I, the 3 co-founders, are long-time friends with a professional background in the fashion/textile industry and a strong interest into sustainability.

Everything started 1 year and a half ago with the idea of giving online visibility to the story and products of Arianna’s father, Fulvio. He runs a small laboratory focused on rescuing old cashmere and wool sweaters to give them a new life through creative pictorial applications. The lab’s values and philosophy, even if rooted in tradition, were so actual and powerful. We soon realized that there were so many other small brands like Arianna’s father, offering high-quality handcrafted pieces produced following a “circular” production model.

Thus, we decided to develop an online platform where artisans and designers specialized in creating value from what already exists could get more visibility, tell their stories and show how unique they are. With this idea in mind, we worked hard to launch Must Had. A Refashion Platform where everything deserves a second chance. “

Where did the idea come from?

” Our idea is the result of a strong awareness of the fashion industry’s massive social and environmental impacts and a clear understanding of the limits and obstacles small brands and artisans face to thrive in today’s society.

The ecosystem of Must Had aims at creating a digital community where these entities can get together, collaborate, tell their stories and grow to pursue a common goal: create value from waste. “

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