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Green startup founders: Hej Cogo

Robin Eriksson, co-founder of Cogo, talks about a solution accessible and affordable electric scooters, electric cars, bikes, e-bikes, and electric mopeds in one place.

Cogo gathers all shared rides in one app: Cogo App. The last but not least, they say: ‘’Share more, consume less.’’ Robin sat down with Eutopia to tell us more about his startup. This is his 100-second interview:

Cogo App is free to use and only includes manual and electric-powered vehicles. Eutopia invited Robin to tell us a bit more about his fascinating startup.

How did your company get its name?

” We wanted a name that was short and easy to remember. Visually, it was important that it be ‘soft’ and have a welcoming feeling. Eventually, we settled on Cogo, which in part is a reference to where we first started out (in Copenhagen), but also a reminder that only by working together (by collaborating) can we improve the cities we live in. As we’re gathering shared rides to make it easier to move around, we are helping our users “go”. So, we are Cogo. “

What’s your story?

” I had launched a couple of start-ups before I joined momondo, which is where I met my two co-founders, Bibi and Martin. After working for many years on simplifying travel booking, we have now set out to do the same in the current megatrend of shared mobility. We want to accelerate the adoption of shared mobility by making it more accessible and transparent for everybody, because in the long run that will reduce traffic congestion and CO2 emissions in our cities. “

Where did the idea come from?

” I noticed the increased popularity of shared mobility around 2017/2018 and I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I wanted to be part of it as I could see shared mobility as a feasible solution to the problems that traffic, and mainly gasoline cars, are causing today. I thought long and hard on how I could bring value into the industry and eventually, I realised that I had to have over 10 different apps to move around in Copenhagen. This was a very broken experience for me, and I couldn’t find an app that gathered all shared rides into one. No one had solved this problem yet, so I started working on it. Eventually, we launched Cogo, an app that now includes over 190 different mobility operators in 500 cities worldwide.”

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