The State of Climate Tech Q3’23 is out – download the report here!

Exploring the circular economy startup landscape

As sustainability takes centre stage in all discussions across the globe, the circular economy’s principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling are becoming integral to product and service development for organizations. […]

The rising tide of ocean energy

Our planet is 70% ocean, and what if it could solve our energy challenge? Oceans are one of the planet’s most abundant sources of renewable energy. Changes in salinity, thermal […]

Navigating the Hydrogen Startup Ecosystem

Hydrogen is gathering more momentum than ever. Considered a key contributor in reducing emissions to reach net zero by 2050, demand for green hydrogen is skyrocketing across key applications. The […]

Report | 2022 State of Climate Tech in Portugal

According to the World Bank, Portugal is particularly vulnerable to climate change consequences such as drought, flood and sea level rise. Climate change is a very complex challenge that demands […]

Article | The Direct Air Capture Venture Space

Capturing CO2 from the air and slashing down unavoidable emissions? According to the International Energy Agency, Direct Air Capture (DAC) refers to processes and technologies used in extracting carbon dioxide […]

Article | Climate Fintech Insights

Net zero insights climate fintech europe

Our analysts recently took a deep dive into roughly 30K climate tech startups, from our database, to investigate how fintech is supporting decarbonisation and sustainability. Looking at the European venture space, […]