Article | The Direct Air Capture Venture Space

Capturing CO2 from the air and slashing down unavoidable emissions? According to the International Energy Agency, Direct Air Capture (DAC) refers to processes and technologies used in extracting carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, generating a concentrated stream of CO2 for storage, utilisation or production of carbon-neutral fuel. While it’s hard to argue about the […]

August round-up: $3B invested in climate tech, 92 deals and 12 exits

Continuing with the monthly round ups review, the month of August 2022 closed with 92 investment deals in climate startups, accounting for over $3B invested. Compared with the previous month (click here to read July’s round up),  the total funding decreased of about 25%. The energy sector dominated the scene with important deals in nuclear […]

Article | Climate Fintech Insights

Net zero insights climate fintech europe

Our analysts recently took a deep dive into roughly 30K climate tech startups, from our database, to investigate how fintech is supporting decarbonisation and sustainability. Looking at the European venture space, we have identified 617 startups and scaleups developing climate-mindful solutions to address financial sectors such as banking, insurance, tax and accounting and investment services. The […]

July round-up: €4B invested in climate tech, 103 deals and 3 acquisitions

climate techn fundings report

Our new, monthly format provides a quick overview of the funding activity in the climate tech venture space in Europe and North America.     In this round-up, we have analysed 103 investment deals in climate startups, accounting for over €4B invested last month. The featured organisations are classified by the climate change challenge areas […]

BIG NEWS: Eutopia becomes Net Zero Insights

Net Zero Insights is here to stay and we are thrilled that you can join us on this transition. Eutopia began as an initiative to simplify the search for climate technologies and innovative organisations developing climate solutions. We won’t lie, the previous two years were very challenging and exciting as we were building from the […]

Green startup interview: Hello Renoon

Iris Skrami, co-founder at Renoon, talks to us about her platform that is making fashion more sustainable. Renoon makes it easier and faster to find sustainable fashion items online. Iris the co-founder of Renoon, talked to Eutopia. This is her 100-second Interview.   The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions. […]

Running list of climate tech startup programs in Europe

The list features 127 acceleration and incubation programs for climate startups in Europe. Looking at successful startups that were once supported by accelerators, it’s no secret that these programs provide valuable benefits for early-stage startups, whether it be mentorship, network opportunities, or even funding. With the growing necessity to fund and scale-up climate technologies, we […]

Green startup interview: Hi Connecting Grounds

Zuzanna Zielińska, co-founder of Connecting Grounds, talks about turning coffee grounds into nutritious, healthy, and delicious products. Connecting Grounds is a social innovation start-up, implementing a circular economy design, to repurpose the left-over nutrients in a cup of coffee. Check out our 100-second video with Zuzanna: Resilient and regenerative food systems have to utilize all […]

Green startup interview: Ciao MUST HAD

Eugenio Riganti, Co-founder of MUST HAD talks to Eutopia about producing clothing made from fashion industry waste. MUST HAD develops a digital platform connecting brands that are producing clothing and accessories from fashion industry waste. Eco-friendly consumers can connect to brands, creating a sustainable industry. This is our interview with Eugenio: Eugenio Riganti and Matteo […]