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Featured Founders

Green startup interview: Hello Renoon

Iris Skrami, co-founder at Renoon, talks to us about her platform that is making fashion more sustainable. Renoon makes it easier and faster to find

Featured Founders

Green startup interview: Hi Connecting Grounds

Zuzanna Zielińska, co-founder of Connecting Grounds, talks about turning coffee grounds into nutritious, healthy, and delicious products. Connecting Grounds is a social innovation start-up, implementing

Featured Founders

Green startup interview: Ciao MUST HAD

Eugenio Riganti, Co-founder of MUST HAD talks to Eutopia about producing clothing made from fashion industry waste. MUST HAD develops a digital platform connecting brands

Ecosystem updates

Climate Tech Updates (09/11/2021 – 16/11/2021)

Updates we spotted in the climate innovation ecosystem last week (09.11.2021 – 16.11.2021) Launches 🛒 EIT Urban Mobility just launched the Mobility Innovation Marketplace which

Featured Founders

Green startup interview: Bonjour FlexSea

Carlo Fedeli, CEO & Founder of FlexSea, creates a sustainable seaweed-derived material that replaces plastic film packaging. FlexSea can be applied in food packaging, packaging

Featured Founders

Green startup founders: Hej Cogo

Robin Eriksson, co-founder of Cogo, talks about a solution accessible and affordable electric scooters, electric cars, bikes, e-bikes, and electric mopeds in one place. Cogo

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