Running list of climate tech startup programs in Europe

The list features 127 acceleration and incubation programs for climate startups in Europe. Looking at successful startups that were once supported by accelerators, it’s no secret that these programs provide valuable benefits for early-stage startups, whether it be mentorship, network opportunities, or even funding. With the growing necessity to fund and scale-up climate technologies, we […]

Green startup interview: Hi Connecting Grounds

Zuzanna Zielińska, co-founder of Connecting Grounds, talks about turning coffee grounds into nutritious, healthy, and delicious products. Connecting Grounds is a social innovation start-up, implementing a circular economy design, to repurpose the left-over nutrients in a cup of coffee. Check out our 100-second video with Zuzanna: Resilient and regenerative food systems have to utilize all […]

Green startup interview: Ciao MUST HAD

Eugenio Riganti, Co-founder of MUST HAD talks to Eutopia about producing clothing made from fashion industry waste. MUST HAD develops a digital platform connecting brands that are producing clothing and accessories from fashion industry waste. Eco-friendly consumers can connect to brands, creating a sustainable industry. This is our interview with Eugenio: Eugenio Riganti and Matteo […]

Green startup interview: Hallo Wasser 3.0

Katrin Schuhen, the CEO & founder of Wasser 3.0 chats about their vision for clean water worldwide, and their mission to detect, remove and reuse. Wasser 3.0 develops a new separation technique that alters particle growth by increasing volume and size in micro-plastics. Say hello to Dr. Katrin: With more than 5 trillion pieces of […]

Green startup interview: Bonjour FlexSea

Carlo Fedeli, CEO & Founder of FlexSea, creates a sustainable seaweed-derived material that replaces plastic film packaging. FlexSea can be applied in food packaging, packaging dry items, cosmetics, and textiles. We put Carlo up to our 100-second video. Check it out: This transparent, resistant material is degradable in marine, soil, and home-composting environments – and […]

Green startup founders: Hej Cogo

Robin Eriksson, co-founder of Cogo, talks about a solution accessible and affordable electric scooters, electric cars, bikes, e-bikes, and electric mopeds in one place. Cogo gathers all shared rides in one app: Cogo App. The last but not least, they say: ‘’Share more, consume less.’’ Robin sat down with Eutopia to tell us more about […]

Solar Innovation Startups: A New Taxonomy and Climate Impact

Insights on solar energy generation hardware technologies: a new solar innovation taxonomy and climate impact metrics. This is an exciting time to indulge in the surging world of solar innovation. The year 2020 marked the moment solar power broke even with coal and made headlines as the cheapest source of electricity. [1] As more efficient […]