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The Highest Market Coverage On Climate Tech Startups and SMEs

For us, climate is not just another hot vertical. Our exclusive focus on just one, so pressing topic means years of undivided attention to the technologies and applications in the space - and the whole ecosystems around them.

green startups scouting platform
green startups scouting platform

By far, the largest coverage of climate startups in the market

We can guarantee this by meticulously mapping out and tracking all the market operators and publicly available resources.

We also programmatically scout organisations by keywords explicitly related to climate change adaptation and mitigation solutions - and find startups also before they close any investments.

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What's climate tech and

what's included?

The definition of climate tech is continuously evolving to broadly include all the tech-based approaches that humanity can come up with to get to Net Zero.

Our job is to decide in practice what solutions fall into it.
To make sure our data reflect this, we have been training some of the most sophisticated algorithms and prepared humans in the world to systematically trace the line.

green innovation company single page
discover sustainable innovation companies in europe and america
discover sustainable innovation companies in europe and america

Mapping private organisations from pre-see to exit worldwide

The Net0 Platform features exclusively venture-stage organisations actively developing more sustainable products, services, business models and solutions.

More specifically, startups and SMEs from the pre-seed to exit stage developing innovative products, services, or technologies addressing at least one of the six objectives of the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities.

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