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Our process to track climate innovations

We couple sector expertise with automation to timely identify climate startups and innovative SMEs to produce detailed, hard-to-find data and insights on the disruptive and complex climate innovation market.

Automated ecosystem mapping​

Day after day, our climate tech analysts meticulously map out investors, startup programs, newspapers and events in the climate tech ecosystem.

Only then, after hand-picking the target acquisition sources, our bots scrape any relevant piece of web text to promptly identify new climate technology and extract the latest data points on tens of thousands of startups.

sustainable startups information
sustainable startups information

Algorithms to assess climate innovation

As we just focus on environment-positive solutions, we have developed a proprietary NLP algorithm that ‘understands’ the web content of an organization and automatically excludes anything that falls out of our scope.

Our algorithms then use thousands of analyst-picked keywords and metrics to predict the activity sector, technology, development maturity, climate impact and business traction for each venture in our database.

ecological startups lists

Analyst-curated startup deals database

While we believe that automation is at the core of our value proposition, we are also well aware that no AI can best our human team.

Therefore, to ensure you access to the most comprehensive coverage of climate tech VC deals, every financial transaction is manually vetted by one of our analysts before entering our startup funding database.

ecological startups lists

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