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By focusing exclusively on climate, we simply have better understanding, market coverage and granularity than any other data provider.

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The broadest coverage on climate tech companies

Discover under-the-radar startups before anyone else and make sure to look at the full universe of solutions and competitors.

By tracking over 46k organisations developing more sustainable solutions, you can access always up-to-date insights and keep track of new companies, technologies and deals.

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Create lists of green tech companies based on your own requirements.

The Net0 Platform enables users to filter organisations based on criteria such as growth stage, traction, activity sector, value chain, business model, technology and many others.

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Analyst-curated insights on climate tech investments

The unique combination of our expertise in green technology and data automation ensures the access to up-to-date and verified startup funding information.

Our specialised team goes over 40K startups and SMEs to guarantee the right organisation grouping based on our taxonomy and confirm the veracity of funding rounds.

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