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Helping governments, investors and businesses to get insights on sustainable innovation

Technology, alongside policy, capital, activism and other factors, will be a key driver for the transition to a more sustainable economy. We believe that access to structured, reliable information is paramount to speed up the development of the whole ecosystem and reach Net Zero. 

Market intelligence to gather insights on climate tech

Net Zero Insights exists to increase transparency within the green innovation ecosystem, aiming to provide decision-makers with a structured information framework to accelerate the transition toward a more sustainable economy. 

For now, we do that by mapping sustainable startups and innovative SMEs devoted to developing products, services or business models addressing the climate crisis. In the long term, we strive to provide insights on the entire ecosystem in the sustainable innovation space: from corporate initiatives to university projects, we are convinced that we have to see the full picture to get to Net Zero.

Enabling decision-makers to transition to Net Zero

Our goal is to make the information available for policy-makers, governments, investors, corporations and researchers to help them find sustainable solutions,  keep track of the innovations happening out there and better understand the real impact of new approaches to mitigate and adapt to climate change. 

We are fully committed to becoming an enabler for the transition to Net Zero. By supporting our clients with investment and technology insights,  they can make more informed decisions  and better assess the opportunities, risks and considerations, and more efficiently identify the most promising technologies for their specific use-case.

Committed to climate innovation, the technologies and the people behind them

We consider the race to Net Zero to be the greatest commercial opportunity of our age. Some technologies already exist but still must be scaled and marketed, others still need to be invented or significantly further developed. While technology alone won’t do it, we are sure that it has an important role to play.

For these and many other reasons, we need to support the people that are working in the space and celebrate their achievement – and we are proud to showcase them!

Get to know the companies that are making green future a reality